Some days we just need to look on the bright side, and count our blessings.


When all is going wrong and no relief is in sight – just find a little space to call your own.

Physically remove yourself from the situation even if just for a few  minutes.

Maybe a special spot to sit and sip your favourite coffee.

A garden if possible – watch nature continue to grow through both abundant and harsh conditions.

See the ants and spiders continue to build no matter how many times they are knocked down.

Let your mind take a step back from the situation, allow your heart to slow and breathe in the fresh air.

Look at the big picture that is your life and count your blessings. Lean on God for strength.

Find one friend to confide in, and to share a laugh or a tear.

Laughter is the best medicine.  When all seems lost and one cannot laugh, then sleep.

A good sleep restores strength and helps us face another day.

No matter how bad we feel, we’ll wipe away the tears and carry on.

We’ll rest if we must, cry if we can , but never give up.

Despite all there is still one spark of joy in our hearts that strengthens our soul.






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