Say No ! to Ageism- Thoughts on the International Day of Older Persons ?



A day to provide an opportunity to highlight the important contributions that older people make to society and raise awareness of the issues and challenges faced by older people.

It is sad that a society needs a day to remember old people, our elders should always be remembered and valued.

Did you do anything to celebrate this day, did you throw a party for yourself or your grandparents ?

Did you phone your Grandparents ?

Did you do an act of kindness to an older person today ?

Does respect for elders still come naturally ?

Why are older people so discriminated against in the work place ?

Are you guilty of discrimination against the elderly ?

Why in wealthy countries like Australia is it acceptable for over 65’s to have second class health care ?

Why in wealthy countries do we have increasing numbers of homeless old people ?

Why is one homeless elderly person not too much ?

Are we becoming a less civilised society ?

Should we have to be reminded to remember older persons ?



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