Wishes for World Hospice and Palliative Care Day.

I wish that each person would die triumphantly after a life well lived.

I wish there would be no pain but I know that along with the privilege of living, there will  be pain and exhaustion.

I wish that no one would die young and no parent would drown in tears.

I wish every person could have a hand to hold and a faith in God to guide them.

I wish governments and society would stop seeing the sick as a burden and learn to value the uniqueness of each individual.

I wish palliative care staff would stop talking about the importance of their role and start listening to patients and carers.

I wish someone would care about carers.

I wish patients and families did not have to struggle and fight to get information from the health system.

I wish that people could be respected and never be pushed or coerced on to palliative care before they need or want it.

I wish that doctors saw palliative care patients as human and not just numbers on a paper, soon to be crossed out and forgotten.

I wish that hospitals could stop thinking, “They don’t matter, they’re palliative”.

I wish that palliative care professionals would stop believing that they understand everything and that they always know best.

I wish the pain and suffering was recognised and high quality care provided.

I wish that the focus could shift from reducing unwanted expenses to how to care better for sick people.

I wish that there was somewhere to turn for help when care is bad.

I wish that someone would understand the anguish of being forced to helplessly watch poor palliative care.





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