Sickness doesn’t take a holiday for Christmas.

There’s hustle and bustle as people finalise work and rush off on journeys to spend happy times with loved ones. There’s talk of food preparations and exotic holidays. 

But for many facing health challenges , there is no break from struggle and no let up from daily pain.

Families and carers don’t get a holiday, they remain on call doing the best they can.

My Christmas wishes for all those suffering –

May you feel  strength and encouragement.

May your pain be less and your energy improved.

May the health report bring good news and lighten your load.

May you find some joy and someone to laugh with.

May your carers feel rested and refreshed.

May you ponder the Spirit of  Christmas and find meaning and hope.

Amidst all the joy and laughter, those struggling in pain can easily feel burdened  by what should be a wondrous occasion. Sometimes there is only pain and tears.

There may sometimes be no opportunity to celebrate with loved ones.  The desire for gift shopping can be lost and sadness, loneliness and struggles can often feel compounded at this time of year.  The pressure of not being able to keep up with the busyness of the season can leave one feeling stressed.

However Christmas is not about being busy.  It’s not about parties or shopping.  Christmas is not even about family gatherings.  These are just things we’ve added to Christmas.  We’ve made Christmas something it was never intended to be.  We’ve filled it so full of secondary things which are good but don’t compare to the wonder, joy and simplicity of Christmas.




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