Scarred by Palliative Care

Palliative Care Week is coming up. We’ll be told polished stories of how good Palliative Care is and how we should all embrace Palliative Care as early as possible.

But out in suburbia the lack of resources hits home.  There are no resources to provide good care.  People are told that they must choose to die at home and that good care will be provided.  Sadly Palliative Care is often crushingly disappointing.

Having seen poor care, having watched a family member coerced onto unwanted unneeded early Palliative Care, having seen people hurt and depressed by the care that their loved ones received, I can only believe that there is a lack of honesty in discussions about Palliative Care.

After having a devastating experience with a public health service in Brisbane, I can only conclude that the health service was using Early Palliative Care as a means of potentially reducing overall hospital costs without any regard for the welfare of patients.



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