This Palliative Care Week I call on the Queensland Health Minister, Hon Cameron Dick to resign.

The Health Minister, the Hon Cameron Dick ignores complaints about poor Palliative Care in Queensland.

  • patients can be neglected
  • the right to give informed consent can be overlooked
  • patients do not all receive good pain management
  • some patients are referred too early for palliative care, before it’s needed or wanted
  • some patients are not treated with respect
  • patients told they are a burden
  • patients told it is too expensive to treat them
  • families and carers not listened too
  • patients can be denied a voice in their care
  • patients pressured to make decisions while over sedated
  • palliative care staff “deem” what is appropriate instead of giving choices to patients
  • hospitals and senior palliative care doctors can be arrogant and uncaring


The Health Minister denies responsibility saying that public hospitals are ” statutory bodies that are independent and locally controlled.  This is not good enough , he knows he is ultimately responsible.

There exists no independent advocate for palliative care patients and no effective health complaints system for palliative care patients ( they are dead before they get any sort of response from the Health Ombudsman ).   




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