Death as a Normal Part of Life

Palliative Care academics like to carry on about our failure to respond appropriately to death.

Death is a normal part of life when one is dying of old age.

Early death from cancer or some other dreaded disease may sometimes become inevitable but should not be considered normal.

Excuses should never be made for poor medical care.

It is not for palliative care staff to tell people how to view death.

It should be the role of palliative care staff to respect patients, the views of patients, and the wishes of patients. Palliative Care staff should be advocating for patients , not telling them what to think and what to choose.

Palliative Care staff should see their role as serving patients and doing no harm.  They should not be seeking to save the government and/or the health service as much money as possible in order to secure and expand their careers and increase the financial profits of their organisations.

People matter, All people matter, Dying people need an advocate !

Photo by (bfleeson) Ben Fleeson via Pixabay

Written after an experience with a Queensland Health Public Palliative Care Team



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