Bucket List -Overflowing with the Ordinary.

People dream of Bucket Lists full of adventure and far away places.

But cancer can have a way of changing one’s perspective. It can cause us to value those treasures already in our bucket. We value more the simple but wonderful treasures that are family, contentment, and the ordinary day to day life. We come to see all these things in a different light.

It really doesn’t matter if we haven’t climbed that mountain, reached that goal, or visited that place.

The ordinary beautiful experiences of daily life is what we don’t wish to give up.

  • a hug
  • a kiss
  • the sound of birds
  • the smell of flowers
  • a morning coffee
  • a late night snack
  • friendship
  • family
  • a stranger’s smile
  • a child’s laughter
  • the sound of rain
  • a place to call home
  • the joy of dreaming

Having been a cancer carer and having watched a love one fight to hold on to life,  my bucket list has changed.

My list now  includes a walk on that familiar beach; time to sit on my garden swing and soak up the winter sun;  time to watch the butterflies dart to and fro ; to be thankful for the privilege of watching the seasons come and go; quiet days to indulge in simple pleasures; time to share with friends and family; time for love, laughter, prayer and dreams.

There is no need to search for the unusual to fill our bucket lists as we realise just how many treasures are already overflowing our buckets. The most precious treasures are those that we have loved most and the simple ordinary everyday pleasures that nurture our faith and our humanity.


Photo by Coleur via Pixabay







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