Following a terrible family experience with a Queensland public health Palliative Care Service.  I looked into palliative care and while good end of life care is extremely important, I have to question the enthusiasm for early palliative care which can be months or years before end of life care is required. The more I looked into it, the more I questioned this “as early as possible” practice and I ask is it really for the good of the patient ?  Or is it merely an economic policy designed to modify the expectations of patients so that they will be happy to accept less care, in the hope that it will reduce overall hospital costs..

Referral too early to Palliative Care can destroy HOPE.

I found that there was no independent consumer health organisation in Queensland and could not find a service that advocates for palliative care patients. This should change.

My attempts to communicate with the health service, and a long drawn out Health ombudsman process convinced me that there is no effective health complaints system in Queensland.

If there is enough interest, I intend to start a truely independent not for profit association for consumers, so that hopefully we can achieve an independent health consumers voice.

If you are interested or have had a bad health experience , please contact us : healthlobby@gmx.com